Transitional Curriculum – First Profession BSMS (2021- 2022 Batch)

1.11-04-2022Inauguration Day
2.12-04-2022Awareness of Ayush and Research by Prof.Dr.M.Logamanian, MD(s)

3.13-04-2022Pre Test by Prof.Dr.S.Suresh,MD(s)
4.18-04-2022Computer Skills and App Development by Dr.S.Semalatha,MD(s)
5.19-04-2022Know Your Campus by Prof.Dr.K.Balagurusamy,MD(s), Prof.Dr.J.Jothi,MD(s)
6.20-04-2022Role of siddha Doctors in PHC by Dr.S.Jaiganesh senthilarasi,MD(s)
7.21-04-2022Personality Development and Goal setting by Prof.Dr.Meena Kabilan
8.22-04-2022Basic Life Support by Prof.Dr.P.Senthil Kumar,MD(s)
9.25-04-2022Communicative skills and Team building by Mr.Anil Kumar MA(Eng)
10.26-04-2022Orientation for Budding Siddha Graduates by Prof.Dr.N.Kabilan,MD(s)
11.27-04-2022Personality Development by Dr.Hussain Basha
12.28-04-2022Motivational Speech by Dr.R.Kannan,MD(s)
13.29-04-2022Motivational Speech by Prof.Dr.M.Pitchiah kumar,MD(s)
14.02-05-2022Pharmacy Visit
15.04-05-2022Post Test by Prof.Dr.S.Suresh, MD(s)